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Operation Neptun

Code name for a disinformation operation of the Czechoslovak foreign intelligence. Thanks to the change of sides of maj. Ladislav Bittman alias “Brychta“, former deputy chief of Section 8 of Directorate I of the ministry of interior in 1968, operation “Neptun“ became the best known disinformation action. In 1964, the foreign intelligence together with the KGB prepared the “discovery“ of purported archival materials of the Reichssicherheitshauptamt from the end of WWII in the Black lake in the Bohemian forest. It was presented at a press conference by minister of interior Lubomír Štrougal. The action started another campaign against selected persons in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Organisational and operational section of Directorate X
  • 1974 - 1986 Internal affairs section


  • 1974 - 1981 col. Josef Matoušek
  • 1982 - 1988 col. Jiří Průšek
  • 1976 - 1977 deputy chief col. Antonín Stýblo

The Internal affairs section prepared proposals of internal regulations of Directorate X of the Federal ministry of interior, it kep the documentation of laws and ministry regulations. The section organised and implemented measures associated with the protection of secret information, it secured the material and financial provisions of the entire Directorate and its staff members as well as its transportation service. It secured cover documents with false names and personal data for the operative staff members of Directorate X, it kept records on conspiration flats (state, acquisitions, exchanges, dissolutions).

The section was in charge of administrative and record keeping services, it directed and implemented permanent service duty. It worked on issues of mobilisation and combat readiness and secured the combat and physical training of staff members of the Directorate. Based on decisions of the chief of the Directorate it carried out internal monitoring and verified the observation of orders, it evaluated cases of leakage of state secrets and it was supposed to evaluate citizens’ complaints. The section fulfilled concrete tasks in the sphere of deepening mutual cooperation with security bodies of “friendly” countries.

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